Question Freezing, Crashing, BSOD, The whole 9 yards. Finally isolated the problem to music/sound (high bass notes?) and can reproduce indefinitely


Hello and thanks for clicking my thread. I do apologize if this is the wrong place. Why you've decided to help a random stranger on the internet, I will never know but my appreciation is reaching critical levels here. I just want to say thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me.

System: Core-i7 5960x @ 3.0 | 32 GB ddr4 | GTX TITAN X Hybrid | ASUS x99-deluxe MOBO | Logitech z906 5.1

Problem: Sounddddddddddd drivers? I don't recall changing anything recently but the problem has made my PC unusable with any kind of bass-heavy song/video/noise. If the level of bass hits too high the computer will freeze/stutter (BRRRRRRRR) sometimes giving me a BSOD, sometimes just remaining frozen/blaring sound until i reset/turn off pc. This is unrecoverable. I've tried reinstalling windows/downloading a fresh copy to replace drivers, but I am thinking I might have a motherboard issue? My patience for this has completely ran dry. I am just unable to effectively troubleshoot this issue anymore as I am overwhelmed with frustration. I've played with settings, reinstalled/uninstalled drivers, Realtek HD Audio etc/ The problem still remains and I can't seem to figure out any kind of solution.

I've had this problem before and it went away somehow (maybe not completely but became infrequent enough I thought it was just a random BSOD/freeze) but I started getting errors again recently. However I was leaving for vacation and figured I'd deal with it when I got back. When I got back I basically said screw everything and I'll just format and start fresh. Well that didn't work at all. I pout a song on (windows media player) and the second I turned the volume up to a certain level it froze. Does this sound like a power issue? I've tried plugging the speakers into different outlets and the problem persists.

I can listen to anything indefinitely if the volume is low enough, it is only when I turn it up that it freezes. I have had this speaker set for years, maybe something inside finally decided to kick the bucket? I am not sure how I would test something like that.

Here are some of the recent BSOD errors I have received:
What failed: vsdatant.sys

When I got the "memory management" one I did a couple MEMTEST's and everything came back fine.

Hopefully this is enough info that maybe someone else can see something that I am clearly missing. Would like to just kick back and listen to music again or watch movies without worrying about it crashing/freezing. My mood and morale are at an all time low. If I can provide any more information I would be glad too, just trying to get the ball rolling here.

TL;DR Too much bass/Sound too high causes an instant Freeze, sometimes BSOD & I have to restart. Happens 100% of the time
Tell us about these speakers and their location in relation to the computer case. Could this be caused by vibrations affecting some component inside your computer's case?