Question Freshly built system with Gigabyte Aorus Pro Z390, stuck in boot menu, can’t install Windows

May 2, 2019
Hey guys,
I’ve built my first PC yesterday. I did a lot of research in the topic, I put together everything and it’s working, but I couldn’t install Windows so far and I’m starting to panic.
I created a USB installation drive from the official page of Microsoft. I’ve got a Gigabyte motherboard.
The problem is the following: I turn the computer on, press F12 to get into the boot menu. I can choose the boot device from which I’d like to boot my computer. I choose the UEFI ‘version’ of the pendrive which has Windows files on. Then the screen goes black for a few moments and the next thing I see is the same boot menu where I have to choose the boot device. Can’t get past this point so far.
I made the boot sequence correctly in the BIOS, the pendrive is in the first place. I updated the BIOS with the very same pendrive and it updated correctly, I’ve got the newest version of the bios on the computer. Still does the same problem.
I haven’t found this very same problem anywhere on the internet so far so I’m hoping that someone here could help me.
I’m attaching a few images and a video to illustrate the problem, I hope it helps.
Thank you guys very much in advance!