Question Front I/O Wiring Identification ?


Dec 4, 2022
Hey guys, I found a Cooler Master MB510L for next to nothing at a local thrift shop, for $17.00. lol Its like new, came in its origional box, so I grabbed it with the intent to dress up my sons pc a little bit. Then I found the issue.... The front I/O wiring. the USB 3.0 is intact, the HD Audio is all in one piece but I'm fairly certain some pins were pulled out from the connector and rearranged, but the Power switch, LED, HDD LED and Reset switch all have the ends cut off.

My first thought was a replacement I/O panel but I havent been able to track anything down that isn't gonna cost more than a new case. I can reuse the ends off his current case for the connections, my issue is I have 8 black wires with absolutely no identification on any of them, running into the back of the sealed Front I/O Panel. I was wondering if anyone might have some suggestions on how I might go about determining which wire is which??

Plan C is a external power button from Amazon, but I havent seen any that I'm too sold on, but if anyone has any input, good or bad, on a paticular switch that would be appreciated as well.

Thanks a lot guys, any help is much appreciated!
Trial and error with a multimeter.

You really only care about the power and reset button. You would need to find a way to keep the button pressed and then look for 2 wires that are connected. You would then release the button and see if they connection goes away. The led ones will show connected but if you reverse the wires they will not.

Tedious but free.