Front panel connectors


Aug 27, 2011
Greetings all. I have just build a system in my home, but I have encountered some difficulties. I am dealing with front panel/power connector. I have plugged some of them to what I think are the right places by the manual, but for some I can not find the right places. There simply are none. At least I see so. My case is quite old, I have not managed to find its name.

I have connected PLED, IDE_LEAD, PWRSW and RESET, but I can not find right places for spkout R, spkout L, 2 GRD, Mic IN and Mic Bias. Spkout R/L are both double pins. Mic stuff is probably irrelevant. I am not sure about the connected ones too, I can not really tell which side is plus and which side is minus, but I have read that sides don not matter, except LED light. Speakers should go to higher right end, but in manual it says that SPEAKER which contains 5V, Ground, Ground and Speaker must go there. OR other idea, which popped into my mind looking through countless threads, is that some of the connectors must go to front panel audio connector.

It would seem I need those connected because otherwise I will not have warning and beeping sounds from system.

MOBO is P8P67 LE.