Question Game crashes when side is on computer but doesnt when it's off

Mar 30, 2020
So here is my dilemma....

I play a game called star citizen. I have an infuriating problem.... the game crashes constantly when the side is on my computer but if i remove the side of it it works for hours. I had thought it was the overheating of the components i downloaded and installed and ran the software to monitor the heat. My GPU heats up to 70 degrees Celsius while in certain modes of the game but usually hangs in the 60's in others. The CPU heated up to a max of 77 but has gone as far as 86 Celsius before game crashes again... Now if i remove the side of the computer i have no issues but with it on its constant.

i have 3 intake fans on the front and 2 outtake fans on the top and one on the back so there is a fair bit of air circulating. Nothing seems to be overheating per say at least to my knowledge. The side of my computer is glass if thats worth knowing

My Specs:
1tb SSD
32 Gig Corsair RGB Vengeance Ram
Ryzen 5 2400 (Vega Graphics Integrated)
6 RGB Fans in total
Nvidea RTX 2070
Windos 10 Pro

I am at a loss for why this is happening... i thought overheating but it doesnt seem to be... any help is greatly appreciated.
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