[SOLVED] Game lagging while streaming/watching stream or yt on second monitor


Oct 13, 2015
Hey guys,

I recently decided I wanted to give streaming a try, but I’m facing some issues.

Now I know my pc is powerful enough to stream and play games (specs will be listed at the end), but whenever my stream is running and displayed on my second monitor, I start to have some annoying stuttering and lagspikes. My fps is still fine, it’s just stuttering and spiking.

My main monitor is a 144hz asus vg248qe, and my second one is 60hz benq (dont know the type). Both are 1080p and the main one is connected through displayport and the second one through hdmi, and yes, both are connected to the gpu.

This problem also appears when watching yt or twitch on the second monitor, while not streaming myself.

Does this have to do with the different refresh rates? Or is there something else going on?

My specs:
Windows 10 OS
GPU: MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 2080 8 GB
CPU: Intel core i5 8600k 6core 4.1GHz
Mobo: Asus Prime Z370-A
RAM: 16GB ddr4 3000MHz
(If you think any other specs might be important to mention, let me know).

I hooe you can provide me with some answers, that would be nice :)



Nov 6, 2018
So from experience and doing research on this issue myself, if you're watching your own stream on your own computer it will definitely eat up your CPU usage causing a lot of lagging. I read during my research, if you set your streaming to high priority and test to see if the lagging continues. Also, setting the affinity of the streaming software to the first X amount of cores your processor holds and the second amount for the game you are playing so the same cores are not being utilized. Try doing this, if you need some screenshots I can provide later this week; due to wife having a child any minute now. If that doesn't work, try tweaking the settings if you use OBS. I know I had crazy lag and I switched OBS settings from utilizing my CPU to my GPU processing instead and this fixed my lag problem.

Please give me some feedback on this. Also, ebosss03 is correct. Running certain games on high/ultra utilize a lot of your CPU so decreasing the graphic setting may assist. In addition, this Is a good example of why streamers use a laptop to view footage or stream from another PC/laptop and connect that secondary station to the primary.

Let me know!