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Question Games cause desktop to pause


Sep 28, 2012
I have w10 pro and yesterday I updated through windows update to windows version 2004..
I gamed a little yesterday and they ran fine..
But today I play some games cause the system to stutter.
I have 2 monitors and watch twitch while I play games, When the game pauses for a sec every few seconds I also see that the twitch stream pauses at the same time...
The audio ingame and on twitch doesn't pause , just the visuals..

I played no mans sky earlier but as the pauses happened , it eventually lead to the system hanging and then shutting down..
On restart I tried civ 6 and euro truck 2 and the ran fine..
But train sim world and snowrunner cause the pauses...

Any help is much appreciated.

windows 10 pro 2004
I7 4770K
Asus 7970 top edition
16 gb ddr3
ASUS Z87-K s1150 Z87 MoBo


You forgot to include the make and model of the PSU. Include that alongside the age of the unit. Also, you might want to use DDU to uninstall your current GPU drivers and reinstall them manually after downloading them from AMD's support site.

I'm assuming you're on the latest BIOS update for your motherboard?