Question Games not smooth, frame time unstable ?

Dec 28, 2021
Hello, I have had this "problem" for almost two years now and have done everything possible to solve the "problem". Why do I put problem in quotation marks? Because, unfortunately, I myself no longer know what to believe and what not.

Many games no longer feel really smooth, but "spongy" at certain FPS. I have a 144 Hz G-Sync monitor. I have my FPS locked at 140 FPS in all games.

I'm going to list different games now and give the scenarios. I do not play games mentioned, but I have tested a lot in the past time to get on the track of the solution.

Minecraft - without shaders:
Everything runs nice and smooth, I usually have a constant 140 FPS, everything is buttery smooth. If I then limit my frame limit to, for example, 110 FPS as a test, the game no longer seems "so fast" and rather unfluid in contrast to 140 FPS.

Minecraft - with shaders:
A few years ago, I enjoyed playing Minecraft with shaders on a far inferior PC. Now, however, the whole thing is just a nightmare. My frames often drop from 140 to 120, then sometimes to 80, then back to 100, then 130, then 90 and on and on.... I also like to have my frame time displayed as a curve, this has very often, very large swings. Which makes Minecraft with shaders unplayable for me. The funny thing is, it used to be no problem for me and I just played.

In Warzone I also have 140 FPS most of the time, but in certain places on the map they drop to 120 FPS constantly and it immediately doesn't feel as smooth. I would describe it as slow, and slightly jerky, which unfortunately is also very annoying. In the plane, when you fly over the map, the FPS also like to fall sometimes to 110, there occurs then the same, only much stronger.

Fortnite is completely unplayable for me on an ice setting of "High". I get frame drops to the point of no return. Both in the waiting lobby, as well as in larger cities. Which I find very strange.

Other games:
For example, I bought another new game today and was really looking forward to it but unfortunately the same again.


That was it for now to the games and the different scenarios. Now I would like to go further into the problem. Many friends of mine play partly with much less FPS and also very fluctuating FPS. But they tell me that they don't notice drops from e.g. 140 to 80 FPS. I notice them but already from 140 to 120. Is thought to me that this can not be normal.
I bought different monitors, had now certainly already 4 different, because I always thought, okay vllt G-Sync does not work properly. But without success. I changed my graphics card on my PC, the power supply, motherboard, RAM, etc. everything brought nothing. After that I sold myself a new PC. I can assemble PC, but also wanted to play it safe and ordered my new PC from MIFCOM (I know expensive, assemble it myself comes cheaper, but I wanted to avoid any risk).

My new PC:
  • GeForce RTX 3080 ASUS Strix OC V2
  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
  • ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming
  • G.Skill Trident Z NEO 32GB
  • Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT AiO
  • Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic
My monitor:
ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ (27" 144 Hz)

I unfortunately still have the same as before, but a completely new setup standing with me. Incl. new mouse, keyboard. Everything was replaced.

Drivers are all installed, V-Sync is enabled in the NVIDIA system settings, because without with G-Sync I get a kind of tearing. The picture doesn't get torn up, but it feels very sluggish at every point. With G-Sync + V-Sync everything is smooth until just now my FPS drops as mentioned above.

Is this normal when FPS drop by 10-20 FPS that you already notice the whole thing and the game immediately feels different? In many games I also have small freezes because the FPS drop by 20.

Thank you guys so much for reading this far. I am really incredibly grateful.