Question Gaming connection issue affecting on one computer

Jun 11, 2020
Hi all,

I recently switched ISP and have been having problems getting a good connections to the Fortnite Servers.

I have two computers in my house, one desktop and one laptop. The desktop is older and a little outdated yet the connection seems perfect. It connects to the EU servers at 8ms and ping in game is usually under 20.

The laptop which is less than a year old gets crazy connections to the servers. Most of the time the EU server is around 240 ms while the middle east could be only 210 ms.

I am at my wits end about what to do. I have tried the following.

  1. opened ports to the fortnite game and epic games through windows firewall. No suceess.
  2. Updated all drivers and windows software.
  3. Reset network after trying to use the Google DNS, no sucess.
  4. Reset windows, needed anyway but still didnt help.
  5. Re-installed Fortnite. This worked and solved the issue but when I went to play the game the next day the issue came back.
I tried pinging to local sites (Google & BBC) and both came back with very low ping results and used a website to test my ping to Fortnite servers and that was fine but when in game its clearly not.

It cant be anything to do with the ISP because I have the other computer which connects just fine, also my phone gets a similar connection to the servers comparing with the former ISP.

I use a HP Omen 15, this issue only arised when I changed ISP providers. The laptop is never moved so very unlikely anything damaged inside.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This is one of those it has to be the game itself causing this. If you can ping the game servers with a ping command then the network is fine. What you see in a game many times is not a actual ping command. They are measuring the latency internally. I have seen games that claim high ping times but a CMD window running a actual ping command to the same server shows no problems.

You can see similar latency measurements in the resource monitor network tab for web page connections. Most games are using UDP so I don't think you will see the connection to the game server on this display.

The ping times from games many times include a lot of the overhead...which is a way is a good thing since it represent actual performance..but it blames the network for delays that may be the client or the server.

I would check the game settings and see if any make any difference. I know it sounds crazy but I have seen people fix issues like this by changing the video settings. It seems games will get stuck in video routines and blame the extra time on the network when it was really the game delayed checking the results but the data was there all along.