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Feb 6, 2016

The budget is up to £1,000 and the current strategy is waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This is for a desktop/laptop only. Steam is driving the need for a PC as all my friends use Steam rather than Xbox/PS4.

I need a high spec gaming PC that will last up to 5-8 years to avoid obsolescence. The previous rig I built and over-clocked until the MOBO failed an AM2 socket. Since reviewing today's products, they have significantly improved. The GTX 2060 GPU is considered the 'future-proof' go-to with a 10th Gen i7. i9 are clearly affordable. Nvdia and Intel to all others so these two products are required.

Use of VR and intensive gaming (120fps+) is the baseline requirement. The unknown is surrounding emerging technology in meeting this demand. New battery technology and super-conducting components are looming. I need your knowledge to help make an informed decision in making an investment, at a budget. There is an expectation that for £1,000 and below, this is not possible but it is worth asking the experts to confirm this assumption.

Current progress:
Gaming friends have advised with bits and pieces
Amazon Prime Deal Day was not viable
Self-Build was no viable
Second hand machines are unreliable without warranties/guarantee's
Desktop set-up is acceptable as Laptops are expensive
Standalone VR systems have not been fully scoped
Hey there.

The short answer (if I understand you correctly) is that for £1000 you cannot get a system capable of what you want. If you were going to build it yourself then yes, it's posisble.

Here's are two systems, One is a AMD Ryzen based system, the second an Intel based System.

Both systems will be very close in performance, with the Intel system being a fraction faster in gaming, and the Ryzen a lot better in multicore performance.

Both systems would serve you well for gaming/productivity for another few years. As for 5-8 years! Well both systems can upgrade CPU/GPU, so you can keep it relevant. Being 'futureproof' for 5-8 years is just not an option. You can't really look beyond 2 years with current hardware, as the resources requirements increase for games/apps, so must the tech driving it.


Since you want to wait for the sale days, you will need to look then and see what is available. Look for the fastest video card/CPU combo then look a bit into the parts in the actual system if you are buying a pre-built, especially the power supply. If it's not listed anywhere or is a low quality model, either buy the thing if it's cheap and replace the power supply yourself or keep looking to find one with either a good PSU or one you can swap out during the options of the build at the site.
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