Question Gaming PC suddenly shuts down. Problem singled out to Motherboard

Sep 6, 2020
I have a Gaming PC that I build around 4 years ago. MSI z97 Gaming 5, i7-4770k, GTX 960.

I stopped using the computer for around 10 months last year and had it stored in the basement (kinda humid place). After that, I plugged it in and then it started to suddenly shut down.

The shutting off starts happening randomly but here are some things that I noticed.

If I store the PC and do not use it for a couple of weeks, it then works just fine for a couple of weeks (maybe 10 to 13 days), then it starts to stubbornly shut off at like the 10th or 13th day and would not go back to working normally unless I do not use it for another week. This means that I turn the pc on, use it for 20 minutes, then it shuts down again. The interval would keep going down. 10, 5, 3 minutes, until it would not boot up again. In a weird way, the amount of time that I have it resting and non-working is the same amount of time that it works before it starts shutting down again. Then when it starts shutting down, it progressively takes it less for it to shut down, until it doesnt want to start anymore.

The problem is most probably from the motherboard. One time when it started its shutdown spree, I unplugged everything (Graphics Card and Disks), and it still shut down even though it was stuck on the boot screen. This led me to think that the problem is either from the power supply or the motherboard. I was also more certain that it was the power supply, or at least something to do with electricity, because I live in a country with horrible electrical infrastructure and the current is not "stable." For example, battery life of phones is very bad because of that. People buy $3K current stabilizers to stabilize their current and protect their machinery. Unfortunately we do not have that, but there are days that our washing machine would not work because electricity is bad. I don't really care about my country's current problems, but I am saying this for if someone knows which part of the motherboard might be most likely to be affected with this. For example, there is a small white light that is always on my graphics card (GTX 960), and sometimes it randomly becomes dimmer or doesn't light up, etc.

As a last ditch effort, I bought myself a new power supply (Cooler Master MWE 450). I waited for the computer to have one of its shutdown sprees as it was stored and resting for two weeks. As expected, it worked for precisely 8 days then started shutting off. I instantly plugged in the new power supply, and lo and behold, it was still shutting down. Only conclusion is that there is something messed up on the motherboard.

I also checked the temperature of everything from processor to graphics card and everything is fine there.

I do not want to change my z97 as I live in a third world country and all the motherboards that we have in the market right now are bad (COVID distribution problem) (best one I could find is an ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-H GAMING). I hope you guys can help pinpoint which part of the motherboard is likely doing this problem.


Jan 7, 2013
Hi, I'm in an extremely similar situation, have you solved your issue? This exact issue actually happened to me twice, one time it was the motherboard and another it was the PSU, when replaced the computer worked fine for years - same build, also. My original mobo was an ASUS Z77, with a Corsair VX550 PSU. The first time this happened, I've fixed it by replacing the PSU with a Seasonic, worked fine for years. Then, it happened again and this time it was the motherboard. Replaced it with a Gigabyte B75 (couldn't find a Z77 available, third world country problems). Also worked fine for years. Then recently this exact issue happened, and for testing, I've replaced it with my old ASUS, and it worked fine for a month of heavy usage. I'm going to breadboard it sometime this weekend, to see what is the issue this time. If you made any progress, let me know.