GeForce GTX Titan LE GPU-Z Information Leaked

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May 31, 2006

Hey ! Don't go using your fancy world "Metric" system of measurement, Us people in the US of A don't get that math stuff...:) (I wish we would all just learn it over here already, just like learning a second language)

Would you take 75 on the bread btw ?

Rabin Pro

Apr 8, 2013

SI measurement system uses kg metre and second.. google :p..
Google is a great discovery for ppl in the US and A :p type "gram pound" in google and you get the math :D.. or just type two units for conversion. :D

And those were some hypothetical data and idk how much bread costs these days. Ask my mom :p


Sep 20, 2012
LOL at anyone saying it's overpriced. Titan is out of stock pretty much everywhere. Translation, you could have charged MORE for it and possibly still sold out. 8000 series isn't coming until Q1 at the earliest next year. They'll have 6 months to sell these. Also, if you are complaining about price, you're not their market for these. Part of the reason cards are $50-300 is this $700+ market exists. If there weren't people paying exorbitant amounts to brag about having the fastest crap available the rest of us would have a LOT higher prices on the midrange etc. Do you want that next rev to actually come? Then quit complaining about people who have the money to pay $2000 for a pair of Titan's. They partially pay for the next version's development. As you complainers whine about AMD remember they're on the brink of going out of business. When that happens you really will have a reason to complain as NV raises the prices to double and slows new generations to a crawl milking the crap out of all of us.

For the PS4 comment...LOL. PS4/Infinity are merely 1080p machines. Just like the last rev, they will not magically replace PC sales which can push triple monitors, quad cards etc. This is why devs like Crytek say things like "It's impossible to package $2000-3000 into a mainstream, let's say $500 console."
In no uncertain terms, even goes on to describe them extrapolating moore's law showing consoles will NEVER catch a PC.
"We used Moore's Law," he said. "If you predict how hardware evolves at the current speed of evolution, and then take consumer pricing evolution, already two years ago you could see, whatever launches in 2013 or 2014 or 2015, will never beat a PC again."

Considering they have a nexget xbox game in progress, they should know and he discusses that he's under NDA but he still quite clearly says NO FREAKING WAY a console will catch a PC.
"Yerli added that console manufacturers face a losing battle in the fight with PCs because of the evolution of PC gaming since the launch of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360."
Ok, so we're all clear now yes? Carmack has said it, Epic Games has said it etc. No game dev says consoles kick a PC's arse. Sorry, they will NEVER LEAD AGAIN. Why do you think they are only trying for 30fps at 1080p? Because if they went for 60fps they'd have to disable all kinds of graphical features just to hit 60fps. Meanwhile I can build a dual titan machine for under $3K and hit 100fps in nearly everything at 1080p while turning NOTHING off. A console is a waste of money at anything over $400 as I can beat it on a PC for $700-800 (and obliterate it for $1000) and do so much more for my entire family gamer or not.
Example of a $1000 PC which dominates:
$45 ASRock H61M-DGS LGA 1155 Intel H61
$199 i5-3450 IVY 22nm 3.1/3.5ghz turbo quad core
$55 Corsair 2x4GB (8GB) 1.5v DDR3 CMX8GX3M2A1333C9
$89 20in LCD HP, HannsG, AOC, Acer (all $89-99)
$75 1TB HD 7200rpm (Seagate, WD, Toshiba, all three $75)
$15 Keyboard+mouse (endless combos here)
$60 HEC 6T10LOH585 585w CASE (there are many@$60 or far less)
$18 Lite-On 24X iHAS124 DVD Burner
$355 MSI GTX 670 N670GTX-PM2D2GD5/OC
$90 OEM windows 7 or 8
Most don't need a monitor, keyboard or mouse (some not even windows, they own it already), just like most don't need a TV for console (we already have these). I'm not even taking into account newegg discounts for multi-product combos, black friday etc which can radically upgrade my parts listed here. If a family can only afford ONE of these devices a console is dumb. You can't realistically browse the web, burn anything, do homework, do any real work (adobe etc), can't manipulate any kind of data basically etc (rip movies, music etc) blah blah the list is long. Do you get that I think consoles suck? :) Most of that hate comes from them holding back game design but that may change with them being more PC style this time. I will still hate them :)

Bigmack70: So essentially I'm paying for perf I have to turn down to eliminate the problem FCAT points out? :) Yeah, I always like to pay for cards then turn them down to solve issues that the other guy doesn't have. It's not blown way out of proportion when you say I have to do this:
"The only downside is that, somewhat like vsync, this sometimes means that you have to limit your framerate below what it would otherwise be able to be."
Why would I ever want to buy that situation on purpose?? This should be beat like a dead horse in reviews until they fix it.
Note their comment on the sorry state of AMD driver affairs this last year:
"Nearly 60,000 hits and more than 1,200 comments on 80+ pages: Our forum thread »Radeon HD 7970M problems« proves that AMD's mobile high-end graphics card was even months after its launch anything but mature. Driver and dynamic graphics switching (Enduro) especially caused disappointments.

Although AMD promised optimizations, the improvements were only small. Despite several performance gains and bug fixes, the graphics card never worked completely as it was advertised. Only since Catalyst 12.11 Beta, which brought some innovations, did it begin to function reasonably well, but still not without its problems."

I hope they do another review with the most recent NV drivers as they've improved over the last 5 months since never settle in everything AAA. They used fairly old drivers in that test.

So you buy then wait for stuff to be fixed forever, even still today for some. That's 80 pages of people complaining and 1200 posts...LOL. This is just ONE site. That's why I really hope driver comparisons, FCAT etc are used more going forward. People need to be able to see reports like this showing the sorry state of affairs for company X vs Y. When the product is shoddy for a year it should be evangelized everywhere that while you save a few bucks or get a ton of games free get ready to wait forever for fixes. This is why NV owns 65% discrete share even though they are (IMHO) priced equal with basically no games bundle (in game crap isn't a game bundle, but whatever you get my point). Premium drivers still keeps NV able to sell at a premium, screw the bundle and make some money doing it. AMD needs to learn a lesson here from NV. Intel needs to learn also...They suck sometimes for 2 years before advertised features are enabled with their integrated crap.
Hardocp showing AMD took a year to catch NV, unfortunately they don't show anything about what happened AFTER never settle, but maybe they will soon. NV released a perf driver every month since Nov adding more AAA game optimizations in each one reversing basically everything never settle drivers gave AMD. The conclusion at hardocp, that NV cards were tapped out and perf already baked in completely, was woefully incorrect. I'm surprised they even said that (excusing NV for not pushing perf). Never in the ENTIRE history of video cards have they been tapped out perf wise on the day of release. If you take any card, and look at drivers a year+ later you see 25% or more gains from drivers (and I'm being very conservative here for most generations).

"What are you getting on about? I've read every FCAT article on the web. I have yet to see even ONE that uses a framerate limiter to see its effects."
So again, why the heck would I limit my framerate to make AMD look better? Why should I even have to deal with an "elegant" solution to the problem the OTHER guy doesn't have? I shouldn't have to limit my framerate (thus making my card/cards worth less) to fix your problem right? If a ford mustang has an engine problem that causes it to blow up at 100mph I don't expect ford to tell me to limit my car to 99mph to solve it. Fix the dang engine so I can drive 200mph if it makes me happy...You advertised enduro crap that still doesn't work properly. FIX IT. You have stutter issues you acknowledge. FIX IT. Don't tell me to slow my cards down. I realize the top speed limiter set at the factory on the 2012 mustang was 155mph BTW (150mph? 145? depending on who's saying it?), but you get my point and it can be removed anyway...LOL.
@somebodyspecial... "LOL at anyone saying it's overpriced. Titan is out of stock pretty much everywhere. Translation, you could have charged MORE for it and possibly still sold out". Its called minipulating the market, they keep demand high and supply low. So they charge what they want. Its overpriced, period...


Dec 14, 2010

Market manipulation. And I don't see anything wrong with BigMack's solution - I don't see any performance being left on the table, other than spiking above the average/limited framerate which adds nothing to gameplay, and is a detriment in my eyes - I'd rather see a consistent framerate than spikes left, right, and center. Since AMD isn't able to fix Crossfire right away, and frame limiting works, you'd be an idiot not to use it with your Crossfire config.

Hahaha... Well said.. Giant wall of text... That made my day...
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