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Question General overheating and extremely low performance.


Dec 5, 2016
Hey guys! I've had a Frankenstein build for around 7 years that I slowly have been upgrading over time, but recently I've really been running into some issues that are making me worried.

The system is in general not performing well at all and I'm not sure what's exactly wrong, my current specs are:
Gigabyte GTX 1060 6gb gpu
16gb TridentZ ram
I5 9600k stock clocking w/ hyper212 evo cooler
B360-A gaming mobo
Evga 750w semi-modular psu
Also the system is running on a Seagate firecuda 2tb and some games are on another 2tb

The problem I seem to be having is just general performance issues across the board, the CPU seems to be running at 50°C idle and can hit near dangerous levels if I try to run an extremely demanding game, the ram seems almost non-existent sometimes as if it's acting like I only have 8gb, I'm having trouble running a lot of games at even medium which shouldn't be hard to run.

I've tried so much, I've basically taken apart and put back together/reseated everything and to no avail, I've checked background tasks and monitors all running services, nothing out of the ordinary.

Today I was playing golf with your friends with some friends and I was literally only getting 15 fps on the new map no matter what the settings were, and I was having major performance drops on Tarkov and planet coaster even when I didn't have a big park or anything in pc.

I'm completely at a loss, and I really don't have any money whatsoever to replace or buy better parts as much as I would love to, would appreciate some ideas.

Vic 40

Seems you need to reapply new paste on the cpu. Make sure cooler is installed correctly.

Have the latest bios for the motherboard? Which board exactly? When looking for "B360-A gaming" do i get alot of hits, but none with this specific name.