News Get 240GB of SSD Storage for Only $26

Does this drive have a dram cache?
No. But controller have 32MB sram inside which is above standard 16MB in cheap drives, so it's performance is a step better than usual dram less stuff. I have a 512 GB one as second drive and it's not horrible.
I want to use those to revive few old laptops. It's nands are decent so should survive more than the laptop that needs it.
What's disappointing is that I have heard tons of people say dramless SSDs are slower than hard drives and give them a bad reputation. The truth is they are not slower than a HDD for the ways you would actually use a cheap drive. Bootup/program load times, as well as general responsiveness on a dramless drive are SOO much faster than any HDD I have ever used. Even the "high performance" WD black hard drive I have feels extremely sluggish in comparison to all of the cheap ssds I have used from no-names like TCsunbow.

Honestly, my 1tb NVME Sabrent Rocket Q (still QLC but is far better in general and has dram) is like 3 seconds faster bootup and like not noticeably faster in day to day usage compared to my old 240gb Kingston A400. Both felt fast and honestly, I cannot complain about either.

For $26 I could see how this would be an amazing choice for many uses. Stick in a laptop to speed it up or even use it in a budget gaming pc.

However, reliability would be my concern with a cheaper dramless SSD. My Kingston A400 is likely a similar tier of drive and dramless, and mine died before its first birthday. The first sign of death was much of my data going poof and windows refusing to boot. Not fun.