Getting a graphics card


Nov 1, 2011
So here's the thing,I'm gonna make a PC upgrade but am tight on budget,I want to have a graphics card that can run most of the games (i.e BF3,Crysis 2,Metro 2033,Witcher 2) on maxed out setting,AA and AF doesn't really matter,just want to get all the eye candy on and have a great experience,my monitor doesn't support more than a resolution of 1280x1024,but if there's a good monitor with HDMI resolution and a good card to get the games maxed out and running on 1600x1200 or 1080p would also be good but not a primary goal at the moment.Plus a CPU that won't bottleneck the card.
1 Kingston 2GB RAM
Acer AL1717
Nvidia 9500 GT 1GB full dedicated
Core 2 Duo 2.93 GHz
D946GZIS motherboard(maybe I need to also upgrade that for the dual slot cards don't know which one to get P55 maybe?)
Hello... well budget is everything... Most professional-Online gamers dont MAX OUT everything in Video details... to get faster reaction time.

To get to 1080p with your current system parts will take GTX460/560 and an 1080P monitor... and you will get high Details... around $300?