News Gigabyte Launches RTX 4090 Gaming Box That Plugs Into Your Laptop


Oct 19, 2013
What I would really like to see is something very similar "External" box with GPU but instead of connecting to Monitor/Display screens (laptops etc..), it comes with a connector/cable that connects it directly onto the Motherboard's PCI-E slot not compromising any speed/performance bottlenecks.

That way, we can have a LOT less WATTs requirement for PSU as well as a lot less heat inside the PC Case and not to mention a heck LOT of more room since GPU sizes keep increasing only.


May 24, 2020
So, I'd carry my laptop around in one hand, with this box on its own cart being pulled along behind me with the other... Sure, but for the price and weight, why not just drop in a CPU and call it a day? This is kind of silly.
The premise makes sense. How often does one click heads in a Starbucks? It's supposed to be the best of both worlds. A portable thin & light laptop, that you plug into this for gaming at home.

It's not a new idea though. I didn't see this implementation was able to hit the 80Gbps one-way interconnect speed cap of TB4 or USB4. The interconnect speed on TB3 eGPU's were bottlenecking, all cards took a hit due to latency, then bandwidth limited for more powerful GPU's (RTX 2070 was about the max performance over TB3, if I remember correctly).

I kinda thought eGPU's were dead with the 3000 series. It'd be cool if they overcame the bandwidth issues, and interested in benchmarks for this. This is a neat idea, but in practice it's been cheaper and better performance to just have a dedicated desktop at home and a separate laptop for working on the go.
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