Apr 23, 2022
I have 8gb installed RAM but half of it is mostly reserved, about 3.9 gb via normal means. I have tried all of the said instructions on how to fix it but so far none has worked. I recently discovered that I can have access to about 7.9 gb of my RAM if i boot up bios upon starting my PC and then exiting it without doing anything. I am curious though if it will be possible to fix this so that I can have full access to my RAM without needing to boot up BIOS every time?

I currently have a gigabyte b450 ds3h v2 motherboard and a 2x4gb Kingston Hyperx fury ram. I am very sure that these two are compatible with one another as for the past year, they have worked normally with less than 1gb of ram reserved. Thanks!


Usually this means one of your sticks has failed (whenever I mention failed stick this can also mean failed RAM slot on mobo). Typically failed stick will not let you boot at all, but sometimes it pretends to still work but the mobo can't read from failed stick so it just marks it as reserved. The fact that booting to BIOS first temporarily fixes it could mean the problem is minor.
Now, first thing to do is clean the RAM slots with compressed air and contacts on RAM and slots with alcohol. If that will not fix it you should test each stick alone and each slot alone to find any patterns that could lead to clue what exactly is failing. Or you can just move sticks to other pair of slots as that can also be a quick fix.