Question Gigabyte RMA sent me a worse graphics card back, what should I do?


Mar 21, 2021
Hey all,

So I posted something on the LTT forums but wanted to get opinions from multiple people. I've tried to work out the source of the problem, but wanted to know what other people thought about it. For the past several months I've been experiencing constant stuttering and juttering in games, abnormally low fps, and another really weird issue. Basically I get weird issues when playing games with only one monitor plugged in(massive stuttering and juttering, half the fps when gaming and doing any other task that uses gpu at all), but the issues disappear when plugging in a a second monitor, even if its hdmi oir dvi. I believe this is a gpu issue, but after RMAing the stupid thing to Gigabyte I received my graphics card back being informed that no issues were detected, and it hasnt been repaired. But what's even worse is that I'm now getting thermal issues. Before the card would max out at 83c and boost pretty well with the fan maxing out at 90% speed(its a single fan card and I don't have the greatest cooling setup). Now with the fan maxed I get 87c max and 100mhz lower boost clock(both at 100% gpu usage). All other temps in my system are perfectly fine and I even dusted it out just to make sure it wasn't some dust build up but no, nothing fixed it.

What should I do? What steps can I take to troubleshoot my other components as well as my gpu further? Should I try and continue getting a replacement out of Gigabyte?

I'm currently looking to buy a GTX 970 to use while I sort this out and also for additional testing(and as a backup card). Does this make any sense?

Any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated.



Ryzen 5 1600 AF

Gigabyte GTX 1650 Super

16GB 2x8 3200mhz ram

512gb m.2 sata ssd