GK107 or new GK208 in gt 730m


Mar 30, 2013
Does GT 730m which appeared earlier this year in laptops such as dell inspiron 14r use GK107 with 128 bit memory bandwidth rather than 64 bit GK208 which Nvidia announced recently for 700m series GPUs(it is possible that Nvidia never care or deliberately kept this information from public as from what I know Nvidia never released Gt 730m full datasheet ) or gt 730m never got GK107? My Laptop is due to be delivered next week should I cancel it.
Need Help!
Read this "that's in contrast to when the GPU was first announced in January -- back then, it supposedly had a 128-bit memory bus. We've reached out to NVIDIA for confirmation of this change but the company hasn't gotten back to us as of this writing.