News Global PC Shipments Fell Off a Cliff at the End of 2022


Aug 5, 2022
I was planning on replacing my PC last month. Didn't do it due to the terrible GPU pricing. May end up buying my first console since Atari 2600. The industry is reshaping itself into a low volume but high margin market.
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Oct 31, 2020
If all of them lose their shirts I don't care, that is just karma taking a chunk out of them for trying to fleece the masses.

I recently did exactly what I suggested others do several months back.
Found a used ps4 at a price that was too silly cheap to pass up(these things are clogging the market as many upgrade to the ps5) and have a ridiculous catalog of gaming to choose from and many great games at a couple three bucks each.

If you were the guy who was never ever going to blow 400-700+ dollars on a gpu this option is golden and you won't be left wanting for good looking games that run fine.

Until the PC gaming market and consumers get a sanity check that genre is sewage right now.
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Oct 19, 2011
I think PC sales will continue to suffer in 2023. The drop in shipments will likely get worse. Some system components -- particularly GPUs -- are priced unreasonably high. The most frustrating part of all this is how some systems will hit a reasonable price and then shoot back up after a day. The rapid and unpredictable changing of prices makes it harder to identify and purchase a device during a sale.
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I have 2 systems I'm trying to replace. For one of them, the motherboard has been unavailable for most of 2022. The manufacturer recently switched ethernet MACs, so I'm expecting it to start reappearing in the channel.

The other was blocked on unavailability of ECC DDR5 UDIMMs, for virtually all of 2022. Now, the price of the CPU and motherboard have gone up, which I was planning to use. I'll probably still buy the same spec, but maybe I'll at least wait a couple months.

I definitely plan on upgrading before the next geopolitical shoe drops. I was lucky that I didn't need to buy any hardware during the pandemic. I think I'd better not waste the opportunity to avoid getting trapped by the next supply crunch.