Question Gmail and Google website not loading properly - Win8, Firefox

Nov 8, 2019
Hello, I've been having this problem for a long time. Since there is a sort of way around it, I waited to open a thread. But I'd really like to fix it for good.

The problem is: The Gmail website, and more generally every domain don't display correctly on my pc (Windows 8, I use Firefox (up-to-date) but I tried with other browsers as well). In particular:
  • The pages show most of the content, but the popup elements seem to be missing (the buttons on top, every theme, the menu on the top right with all settings about your profile).
  • Particularly on the profile icon on the top right, the left-click of the mouse doesn't work. You can right-click, open the content in a new tab, and that's basically how I sign out :(
  • The search bar doesn't work. If I press enter on any search, it just reloads the page. The other buttons work, and it's basically possible to use, though in a very limited way.
Other relevant observations:
  • I whitelisted the websites on adblock plus. Windows firewall is off and I don't have any antivirus running in the background.
  • I had a pretty bad malware 1 or 2 years ago, and I suppose in my attempt of getting rid of it I might have messed up some settings.
  • I recently experienced display problems with other websites (disqus, on pages where they required a capttcha, that I simply could see from the desktop page.
I would appreciate any help. I suppose it might be a popup problem, butit could be a Flash problem as well. I would like to fix it somehow. Thanks a lot!