Going back to Windows 10


Oct 15, 2016
So I had Windows 10 a while back and was having issues with it so I reverted back to 8.1. But now I'd like to give it a try again, I read that once you updated you could still go back to 10. Do I just need to download the MediaInstaller thing and run it and that's it? Or was what I read wrong?

James Mason

Yes, Your 8.1 key should still be "upgraded" to windows 10.

If you made a Windows/Microsoft account when instaling 10, your key is acually associated with the account, so all you have to do is login with like: arkannix@microsoft/gmail/whateveremailyouused.com and the password for the account and it will let you in.


This advice is 100% accurate.

James Mason


They gave you the 1 month rollback period though, so what happens then?

I think because it was upgraded, it actually is "both."

@OP you can try to do the windows 10 upgrade from windows 8, and if it asks for your key, you'll know whether you need one or not.

This is correct, the product key is now both with the provision that you can not use them both at the same time. When loading your Windows 8 disc into your system then you MUST use your original Windows 8 license product code, when loading Windows 10 into your system you skip the step that asks for a product code because Windows 10 has digital entitlement baked right into the motherboard.

As a note: Although you are not technically suppose to use both licenses at the same time, Microsoft has made it very easy to dual boot Windows 8 and Windows 10 on the same PC with just one license. I have done this for months and both versions of Windows remain activated because technically when you dual boot you are only using one version at a time. This type of dual boot comes in very handy for certain things. (There are some internal settings that must be disabled, but it is quick and easy.)

On a side, side note: Because of the way that the original license for Windows 10 was activated, a person could actually triple boot Windows 8, Windows 10 retail version and Windows 10 preview version all with one license. This activation must have taken place before March 15th of 2015 but it is an option that Microsoft has provided us.

At James Mason. During installation it will ask for the key but you simply skip that step because as everybody knows there is no product key for Windows 10, that is a legacy concept from Microsoft's old days. (Hint, Hint!)

Exactly, but things can "roll" in two different directions.

To the OP, if you have any problems then just call Microsoft, they will fix it quick and easy.



Yes, used to roll in both, but now the free upgrade period ended.

Exactly, no more free upgrade, that ended a long time ago. But fortunately that has nothing to do with this thread or the OP's situation.