Question Good 150$ or less access point

So, i've been wanting to do a wifi upgrade to my house, and relocating the router/replacing it would be a bit of a chore with my setup, so i decided to get an access point.

Now, i need help deciding which one to get. it would be in the center of the apartment (105 meter squared, with 1 concrete walled room).

I was looking at the uniquiti lite, or long range since both cost almost the same at 130$ (can only purchase them through aliexpress, amazon shipping costs more than the devices themselves, and i have not found any store that holds them in israel)
because ubiquiti has the roaming feature thingy, it would be easy for me to expand when i move to a bigger apartment next year, but that's just a bit of future proofing, so i'm not set on it yet.
The reasons i haven't pulled the trigger yet, are a couple and i want to ask the answers to them here
Firstly, which is better, the lite, or the long range? this is a very light home application, at most streaming 2 1080p netflix devices, and 1 laptop using facebook. the only device that needs good internet is the desktop, which is using Ethernet.

the second question i have is, lots of routers are much cheaper, at around 70$, and always pop up next to ubiquiti gear in "best aps 2020" lists, like the wac104 from netgear.
are they any good? how do they cost less, deliver similar performance and have a router/switch/modem all built in?

I also found a used (in box) Asus RT-AC1200+ for 58$ (can probably lower it to around 50$ or so) and from reading reviews its really really good, even though its an older discontinued model.
so im wondering if that is a good deal?

Aside from those, my dad saw a few chinese comfast or, similar names on aliexpress with amazing prices, but i told him those are all cheap stuff that won't be any good.
Am I right? or could some of those "bargains" be actually real?

And besides all of that, are there any recommendations you guys have for cheap(er) access points that are good?
Also, i don't mind if an access point is hard to set up or stuff like that, i have basic knowledge, and kind of like messing with this stuff, so i'll figure it out eventually.
Not sure on the range since the house and your neighbors wifi make more difference than most routers. Most AP/router transmit at the maximum legal level so the distance the signals go it about the same,

The actual distance usable signal goes depends on how much interference you have and how much signal is absorbed as well as the radios in your end devices likely have lower power radio and small antenna.

This is the type of question that is impossible to actually answer which is why they do site survey on commercial installs.

In general routers running as AP will be the same as actual AP. The main advantage of AP is that they run PoE and many have abilities like reducing the power. The ubiquiti ones are nice because you can centrally control them but its not like you need to update ap setting constantly.

The ubiquiti ones have a very basic roaming feature but like the so called mesh systems it is very limited. The end devices control the roaming the system tries to force a disconnect and hope they connect to a better wifi source.