Question Google drive files won't open on networked PC's ?


Mar 19, 2013
I have a PC at my office that is networked to two other PC's locally. I have a 'projects' folder on my PC that I have shared with the other networked PC's, this works without a hitch. I backup this shared folder to google drive. When I work from home on a laptop, I'm accessing the same shared folder through google drive. When I save a file in this folder on my home laptop, I have no problem later accessing this file from my work PC. Where I have a problem is when I try to access a file that I saved on my home laptop from a networked PC at work. The networked PC sees the file in the shared folder, but I can't open the file and I get an 'access denied' error message. In the folder and file properties sharing is enabled. Please help!


Group Policy, Permissions:

Sharing folders and files is only part of the process. You have, if I follow correctly, shared the folder and files.

However, you must also establish who is allowed to use or participate in the sharing via the access rights granted to those users.

So on the networked PC with the shared folder and the required files you must grant rights to those folders and files in question.

Here is a tutorial to get you started:

Another link that is likely to be helpful:

You can easily find other "how-to's", tutorials, and examples.

Take a look at the configuration of a computer or laptop that is successfully accessing the required files and compare those configuration settings on the home laptop and networked PC.

Do not immediately change anything. Just look and make notes about the paths, properties, sharing, permissions etc.. First figure out the current configuration settings and then narrow down to what may need to be changed.