Google Reveals Actively Exploited Windows Kernel Vulnerability

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That's basically what I'm saying.

But did you know that voting is run by the states - not the federal government? Of course, some states will be better or worse than others, but it means there's no single target to go after. It also means that protecting so many targets is hard. Which is why they could almost certainly hack some states and interfere with things like the voter register, if not the votes, themselves. In fact, if he just wants to create a commotion, they should delete a bunch of likely Trump voters from the registers of some swing states. That would give Trump actual evidence to support his claims that it's rigged.

Perhaps, but he's also threatened by democracy. At least, that's one way to read what he did in Ukraine - as soon as they moved away from being a client state, he wanted to make an example of them and put such ideas out of the heads of his own people. So, the worse he can make democracy look, the fewer alternatives people feel like they have.

This whole election is playing right into his hands.
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