News GPD Win Max 2 Boasts Intel Alder Lake 14-Core CPU Upgrade


Well it looks like Intel got what they wanted. There's no longer any attempt whatsoever to differentiate big Cores from little cores.
They're just all being treated like one big misleading pool of equivalent "14-Cores".


Jun 23, 2014
As somebody who has played a few games on my 12700k using different windows power plans, I would really like to see the effect of using "power saver" vs "balanced" in gaming with a very power restricted device like this. Power saver puts the E-cores in the driver's seat, noticeably reduces performance and increases hitching, but drastically lowers cpu power consumption leaving much more budget for the igpu.

It would be easy for an end user to do and hopefully is easy to review.

Setting a custom power plan with a max processor state of 99% (disables boost) also does this to a lesser extent, but Alder has better options.