Question Gpu Artifacting on Old Laptop (GTX940M)

Sep 14, 2022
Have this problem for a while now, basicly games are glitched and normal windows apps and the logging screen of valorant is glitched all the time with millions of random dots or broken textures. I am adding few photos for examples.
Things i tried:
-Fresh driver update after ddu
-Disabling and enabling general pnp monitor and bot gpu's (igpu and gpu)
-Tried lowering memory and core clock setting from afterburner thinkging that it might be a memory problem and lowering it might help but it didnt
-Trying diffrent resolution setting with difrent hzs etc
-Tried with diffrent monitor
Would like to know ur thoughts on this subject. at this point i am certain that its a hardware problem caused by the gpu, al though i have some technical knowladge on this stuff i dont think i can find faulty memory chip and chagne it, so i guess only option is to throw it to trash ?

Here is the photos of the problem: View: