Question GPU Artifacting


Apr 4, 2018
Hi, my GPU is causing artifacts that are not static nor which i can manually create. I bought a used RX 570 almost exactly a year ago for 90$ and it was fine for some time. Last month, it gave me super small artifacts that were in a shape of whole screen being black with white stripes over it, blue/green/red NO SIGNAL type of artifacts that fill the whole screen or some display tearing but the thing is...ALL of them happen in 1 frame, NONE of them stayed or stuck for some time. Today, one of them crashed my system after i rebooted the computer after installation of PowerISO. At login, the screen tore into blocks and that's when i restarted the PC and since then often i get the 1 frame artifacts or displays. The thing also is, this happend before with an R9 270 Gigabyte and my PC had all exact components since then (Ryzen 5 1600, HyperX1x8GB 2667Mhz, Kingston 240GB SSD, LC Power PSU 600W) and only the cooling was improved with 3X additional NZXT coolers so i can rule out the temperatures immediately as the GPU itself runs quite cool even with lower air consumption(I got Nitro+ edition). So this is just a question of IF BY ANY CHANCE it's not the GPU? PSU is good, 2x 12V rails and the GPU has 240W headroom but it mostly uses 120-140W, shown by MSI Afterburner, the cooling is good, the drivers are WHQL and working, SSD is top shape and the Monitor is a brand new ASUS VA24E(bought it 2 months ago, the old display had same thing on the R9 270). Did anyone have this kind of a problem that by any chance WAS NOT THE GPU? I am asking just to be sure in order to know it's the GPU so i start piling money for the new one. Thanks!