Question GPU causes flickering

Sep 28, 2020
My screen goes black every few minutes.

This may seem like an old problem, but bare with me for a bit.

I have this APU (A8-3850) without any discrete graphics card added to it, so only using the AMD Radeon HD 6550D that comes with it.
The problem is that my screen, every few minutes or so, goes black for a second or two and recovers like nothing has happend.
This happens all the time, not only gaming, but when browsing the web or just plain windows explore.

It isn't overheating, the drivers are up to date, and when adding another gpu, the problem dissapears, so it is the 6550D inside.
(I've heard before that the PSU can be at fault, but I tried another one and it didn't work for me.)

Any advice please?