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  1. ziad ahmed

    Question AMD GPU iSSUE (detect a Driver Timeout on your system).

    Hi, iam having a trouble with my system , sometimes while iam doing anything not only Gaming the screen goes black and then reload and shows me a message which is " AMD Bug Report Tool" says " we detected a driver Timeout occures on your system" I have noticed that the bug ocurred most of the...
  2. R

    Question CM Hyper TX3 evo still holds temperatures in 2021 ?

    Hi , I am planning to buy the AMD R5 3600 , and I am currently using an AMD a8 6600k over the years with a CM hyper tx3 evo cooler and the cpu never reached to more than 55ºc for as long I have it. The R5 3600 with my actual cpu cooler will be fine too ? My actual case is a NOX coolbay sx blue...
  3. faia92

    Question Can anybody help me with this

    Hello everyone this is my first post on this site. Can anyone guide me of how to connect my fan to my motherboard(B450 AUROS ELITE) My fan View: My motherboard View:
  4. Z

    Build Advice Which of these four builds should I get ?

    Hello everyone!! Im trying to figure out what build should i get from the ones bellow (I live in Hungary so the prices will be wierd and high). My total budget is around €450 / $550, and gaming is 98% of the time i would spend with my computer. My options: -Ryzen 5 3600 (€189,94; $230,51)...
  5. M

    Question XFX 570 Red light blink

    So, I got this rx570 4gb XFX, its 1 yr since i bought it and it was working fine, with bios configs. But, suddenly yesterday, the gpu just wont work. Like, when i start the pc without the 8pin power conector, it boots up with a solid red light that i think it means theres not enough power to...
  6. JoaKoBigatti

    [SOLVED] xfx rx 6900 XT POOR performance

    I need help. I bought a rx 6900 xt as its said in the title, and im getting so low fps in games like RUST. i was seeing some benchmarcks and this videocard have to be capable of getting more than 200+ fps on this game. my setup: -i9 9900k -16gb ram 4000mhz -gigabyte z390 aorus pro wifi -asus...
  7. Iver Hicarte

    Question Can having a Crossfire or SLI setup improve video-editing performance?

    I currently have an i7-7700k Intel CPU and an RX 480 from MSI, I have been video-editing for quite some time now, and I have been using more and more of hardware tasking effects, like the questioned in this thread's title, does a dual GPU setup improve video editing performance GREATLY or is...
  8. R

    Question acer 6930g temperatures

    Hi , My load CPU ( intel core 2 t6500 )temperatures are between 60ºc and 65ºc and GPU (ATI HD 4570) between 70ºc-82ºc there are normal tempratures for this acer 6930g with the fan with stock settings ? The pc was cleaned few days ago also changed thermal paste and gpu core pad
  9. JeSuisEder

    Changing saturation on laptop with Ryzen

    Hello, i'm looking for a notebook to buy and one of the things it must have is the option to increase the saturation of the screen, I know that Intel cpu's allow us to do that on the graphics control panel and what i wanna know is if i can also do that on Amd Ryzen cpu's. Can i do it and if yes...
  10. H

    Question after updating ryzen master cpu idle temp is now 50-70

    just updated my ryzen master and my cpu's idle temp went from 40-50 to 50-70. it fluctuates really drastically imo. one second its 52 then jumps to 65 for example. so im really concerned. ive built my computer 2 years ago and i was planning to do complete clean up of the case last summer but...
  11. OneOddWolf

    Question Pc Shuts off when playing vr.

    So... every time when I play VR, I don't get a warning or anything like that, when it shuts off: Pc Shuts Down With No Windows Shut Down Logo, the screen just gets black FANS 100% for 0,5 sec Shut Off Pc On I might slowly feel like it's the PSU, cause the CPU is at 69c and my GPU is at 60c. But...
  12. Question Undervolt values for a 5900x?

  13. RaulRU

    Question GPU dead?

    Hi, first of all I wanna say sorry in advance about my English grammar issues. Specs: - Gigabyte RX 590 Rev 2.0 -i5 9400f -gigabyte b360m -evga 430w 80+ white. So, I've been mining for a month with my RX 590 for an extra income, all great, good temps and low wattage. Today I decided to try...
  14. U

    Question Many different visual problems with different apps and websites, is it my GPU, CPU, or Mobo?

    How’s it going everyone, I’ll get right to the chase, I know some stuff but not nearly enough. Hence why I am now here. The issue: I recently “upgraded” my computer going from an old Intel i5 with 16gb of ram and a GTX 970 to an AMD cpu with 64gb of ram and a GTX 1650 Super and am encountering...
  15. R

    Question Device Drivers are not installed? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Recently I upgraded basically my entire PC (close to 2 months ago) and I decided to run the Performance Monitoring tool today. Everything passed except for 3 things and I really dont know what to make of it. The report states that I have 3 issues where Device Drivers are not installed (PCI...
  16. CyberFly04

    Question My monitor goes black and then my PC restarts

    (Sorry for my English) This happens sometimes and it's very annoying problem. Most of the time it happens is when I play CS GO and listen to Spotify. My monitor will become black but I am still able to hear everything. After some seconds the audio crashes (idk if it's the correct word) and my...
  17. T

    [SOLVED] Can I easily repair this motherboard without changing the cpu socket?

    Hi, I recently bought a returned/damaged motherboard, B450 F gaming asus strix. The plastic covering over the cpu socket has broken off, it came with half of the plastic casing but not the rest. The retention arm is usually attached to the plastic covering, and the arm arrived separately. Is it...
  18. GCF2597

    Question Screen tearing when using fullscreen (AMD/Freesync)

    For as long as I’ve had my computer I’ve been suffering from screen tearing at the bottom quarter of the screen whenever I go fullscreen in my games, though for some unknown reason I experience none when im in windowed mode. I use Freesync and my FPS is always in my Freesync range (48-75 hz) so...
  19. Question Gpu crashing pc

    So i was cleaning my gpu,cleaned the dust off and changed thermal paste. When I turned on my pc while windows was loading the pc froze with squares of pixels on the screen,tried safe mode and it booted into windows, deleted old drivers and reinstalled newest,when the first monitor flicker...

    [SOLVED] CPU Overheat

    Hey guys, so today something weird happened, I turned on my PC and then it stuck on the motherboard screen, after a few restarts, it finally able to enter the desktop, but it's very laggy even for moving a cursor. When I checked up the GPU-Z turns out my processor is overheating because the...