Question GPU causing games to crash


Apr 24, 2015
so I've been having problems with games where pretty much any game just crashes for no reason, I've been trying a lot of troubleshooting where i tried multiple drivers and even went as far as formatting because i thought it might've been a software issue, after a lot of attempts i tired swabbing my ROG RTX 2060 Super Strix with an old Gigabyte GTX 960 that i had laying around and the problem went away, so i tried using my 2060S with a my friend's ryzen system and the problem came back, tried the gpu with multiple drivers like i said and that didn't help, the gpu is not overclocked and even tried underclocking it by -100mgz on the core and 200mgz on the memory and that did nothing, surprisingly when i lock the framerate to 60fps instead of 144fps on r6s the game takes longer to crash, lighter games like csgo or cry of fear, poly bridge just don't crash and i have no idea what to do, my gpu at this point is basically paper weight. contacted asus and they told me i can replace it only in the US and i live in the UAE bought the gpu from Newegg. it was working fine for the past 5 months that i had the gpu and it started doing that suddenly with no hardware changes so i'm really struggling here. (btw tried using furmark and made the card run for an hour with no issues so idk and thermals are with limit being under 85C)

My specs are:
Intel core i5-9400F
Msi h310i Pro
Corsair LPX 16GB ram
CM hyper 212 BE
NZXT C650 80+Gold
nzxt manta

(my friend's system that i tired it with has a Ryzen 5 2600 with b350 board and cx550)

I've attached sysinfo and dxdiag and event viewer and reliability monitor (tho while using the 960) >>