Question Gpu clock speed getting automatically higher in some games which causes bluescreen

Dec 22, 2021
Hello everyone, for the past 3 days i have being having bluescreens in some games while i dont in others, it's a WHEA code meaning hardware issue, i burned my brain off trying to pinpoint what was the problem, ran benchmarks in all parts but nothing, then i noticed something about the games that cause bluescreens, i ll provide two examples of games, one that crash and one that dosent, i have an mx 150 with clock speed between 1350 and 1500Mhz, in nier ( dosent crash) it shows value that fall in that range, but in genshin ( and some other games) it reaches 1780Mhz which is obviously way too high, also another weird thing is the memory speed gets down to 700Mhz so now i dont get why it automatically sort of gets overclocked in some games and causes me bluescreens, and is there a way to stop that ?
laptop specs: MX150, i7 8650-U, 8gb ddr4 2400MHZ ram, 250gb ssd
Nier(normal speeds, dosent crash): View:

Genshin ( very high clock speed and low memory spped, bluescreens 3 min after launch): View: