Question GPU crashing when utilization is high ?

Sep 18, 2022
Hi guys, i hope someone can help me troubleshoot my issue further. I can nolonger play AAA games with this setup as it keeps crashing the moment the GPU utilization goes to 90% and up. I never had this issue in the first 3 years i bought this GPU. But now suddenly it's faulty. Can't really pinpoint if it's a GPU or PSU problem.

NO OC all Stock:
GPU:Sapphire Nitro 5700 XT (3 years old)
PSU: Corsair AX860 (6 years old)
CPU: Ryzen 1700 (6 years old)
RAM: 32 GB gskill DDR 4 3200 (6 years old)
MOBO: MSI x370 Titanium (6 years old)

Troubleshooting/test done:
1.Prime95 stress testing for 12 hours both memory and cpu. RESULT = STABLE no crash.
2.FurMark stress testing(OPENGL) 1440p full screen 6 hours. RESULT = STABLE no crash.
3.Memtest86 all passed.
4.3DMARK stress testing
-DX12 TIME SPY stresstest - Crash in the first 10 seconds.(Just black screen and only comes back if i hard reset)
-Fire Strike Extrem stresstest - Crash in the first 10-30 seconds.(Just black screen and only comes back if i hard reset)
5.Reformat fresh windows 10. RESULT = Still crashing
6.Tried multiple old drivers and clean up using DDU. RESULT = Still crashing
7.Tried installing the driver alone without adrenaline. RESULT = Still crashing
8.Tried reseating the GPU and changed the 2 6 pin power cables. RESULT = still crashing.
9.GPU temps readings during the benchmarks are all below 65c-75c.
10.Updated mobo bios to the latest version RESULT = still crashing.


The six year old PSU is a likely suspect. Especially if heavily used for gaming, video editing or even bit-mining.

This PSU?

Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes, warnings, or even informational events that occur just before or at the time of the crashes.

Increasing numbers of errors and varying errors are a sign of a faltering/failing PSU.

Do you have access to another known working, higher wattage PSU to swap in?

Remember to use only the modular cables that come with the test PSU. Do not use the cables from the original PSU.
Sep 18, 2022
so i purchased a new PSU(Seasonic Prime GX1000w) today just to test if its indeed a PSU. But apparently that was not the case, i still get the usual crash on 3dmark. =(

I guess this gpu is defective of some sort. I'll just wait for amd 7000 to release and upgrade my system unit altogether except the PSU that i bought.
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Vic 40

Are you using two cables to power the gpu? Might help, maybe even undervolt it a little. Look online for the how to.

Seems like a pretty good motherboard, you could still get more out of it by buying a 5700x or other 8 core 5000 series cpu for it. Just a thought for if 7000 series will be very expensive and await reviews before going that way.