Question GPU does not detected in PCIe slot 1, but in slot 2... AND another GPU does work normally in PCIe slot 1 :O? Any Ideas

May 21, 2023
Hi im new here, just joined some min before

PC Specs
Mainboard: MSI X99 Godlike Gaming
CPU: I7 6900k @4,4ghz
GPU: ASUS Strix1080ti OC
RAM: G.Skill TridendZ RGB 3200MHz 32 GB DDR4
Windows 10 Pro

Yesterday my brother restarted my 2nd Pc (instead of shutdown was a simply missclick), then after he booted again, we shut them down normaly and today I turn him on and i got no picture...

Debug Codes shows that the mainboard is fully booted after restarting the PC (and resetting) error Code D6 was displayed an myself "Oh no" (Means no GPU Output detected)
So I removed the 1080ti and used my currently unused MSI Ventus 2080ti graphics card and then i got a picture.

After that i want just to be sure if the 1080ti was going broken over night and i put them into the 2nd pcie slot. So there was now the 2080ti on slot 1 and 1080ti on slot 2 after booting i looked inside all tools (Windows hardware manager, GPU_Z, ASUS GPU Tweak III) all detected the 1080ti fine... mhh oka:oops:
Then I tested the card and play some games with it and it works fine. o_O

So after knowing that the card isnt broken i put them back in the first slot and just removed my 2080ti again. But again i got no piture also tryed diffrent outputs, restarting , resetting (DP , HDMI...) no way
then i just switched the 1080ti back to the 2nd slot and it works fine (even without the 2080ti)

Does anyone have an idea whats causing such strange things?? I just turned off the PC there was no update and so on... In past it happens sometimes that the PC needs servenal minutes until he can boot but that problem i have since i have this mainboart/plattform. But that happens ~1time per month but tody he just dont boot.
Maybe there is a simple solution or a logical explanation.

If someone need more infos just ask i try my best
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Can you please add the make and model of the PSU and it's age? BIOS version for the motherboard at this moment of time? It could be a corrupt BIOS, I'd try and reflash the BIOS with the latest version and then clear the CMOS and see if that bring the first PCIe slot back to life.
May 21, 2023
Hi thanks for answering
PSU should not be the problem there is a 1500W PSU from Silverstone inside (this PC was 2015 my SLI 4k gaming PC, if you asking why to hell there is a 1500W psu inside, its a relict from my old SLI times :p)

The First slot is not dead because he works with my 2080ti perfectly but not with the 1080ti and this is strange:unsure:
Reset BIOS would be my next idea but i was a bit to lazy to redo all BIOS changeings and overclocking stuff so I was asking here maybe after another trick but its okay

BIOS version i can check tomorrow but in past i already updated the BIOS because of some other strange problems what i had with the board.
Looks like Brodwell-E Boards have some strange bugs and problems.
May 21, 2023
The PC was just off for now 4 days because i just had no time to look. I put the 1080ti back in first slot and it just works :O
I just changed nothing
I dont know what was the reason was for this... i just can only suppose thats something like a loose contact happens at the first slot :unsure:
Would be the first time i have such problems.
If PC or GPU you were trying was in a dirty environment for a while, or even power off for a while, dirt could of built up on the PCIE contacts, It happens, its not super common, but I've ran into this a few times, mostly on sticks of ram, sliding in a and out of the slot usually will clean up the contacts and they will start working again, that could of been the entire problem.