Question GPU fan speed keeps on fluctuating

Feb 14, 2020
So my pc is roughly 1 or 2 years old now, every single part was brand new.
When I'm playing certain games like Forza Horizon 4 and some other games my fan speed goes up and down, the fan speed shoots up when it hits 80c and then goes back down to a normal rpm after like 5 seconds, my GPU hovers around 78-79 on games with good graphics like FH4.
I have an RTX 2080, I have also got 3 intake fans, so enough air is getting to the card.

I just want to know if I can stop the rpm fluctuating since it is getting fairly annoying now.

sorry if the description is bad, i not good at stuff like this.


You can usually set a fan curve. This tells it when to ramp up based on temps. Yours is probably set to 80c with a high speed, so it kicks in at 80, cools instantly, drops to 78-79, then if it hits 80, it'll ramp up again. I don't know Nvidia cards but usually MSI afterburner software, etc, can let you adjust the curb.


Jun 14, 2010
I was just coming to this forum with the same issue and saw this thread. I have an evga rtx 2080 and as soon as my gpu temp hits around 82 degrees, it sounds like my gpu fans are running at %100 and then slows down. This happens every few seconds until my gpu temp drops below 80 degrees. The weird thing is, afterburner isn't registering the fan speed change, it just shows whatever my fan curve is set at. My fractal r5 has pretty good air flow, 2 front intake. rear and top exhaust. I've just started noticing this recently but I've been playing metro exodus and its the first game i've played that maxes out the gpu for an extended period of time generating more heat. I play with headphones so noise isn't a huge deal but I can hear the revving over the headphones so it can be pretty annoying.

i7 7700k
asus prime z270 mobo
evga rtx 2080
nocua dh15 dual fan
16gig ddr 4