Question GPU Fans cannot be controlled through software (Help)

Apr 6, 2021
My GPU fans started spinning loudly the other day in the middle of a game session. It was spinning louder than what it usually does when I game. Problem now is that the loud fan spinning has been constantly there even when my PC is idle or even if no apps are running.essay writer
I tried some gpu OC softwares to try and control the fans (Afterburner) however, I noticed that the fans didnt respond to it even if I set the fan speeds to different levels. I even checked the RPM with GPU-Z and it displays an RPM thats way lower than what I’m hearing from the GPU.
I’ve also tried doing multiple runs of clean driver installation using DDU in Safe Mode but it doesnt seem to fix the problem. Although one weird thing is that the moment I boot into Safe Mode, my GPU fan suddenly goes quiet like what it usually does when its on idle or low usage.
Im using a GTX 980 Galax HOF and its been with me since late 2014. Hasnt happened to me before and I was hoping to get some input here or if someone could point me to a subreddit that could help. Thanks in advance!
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