Question GPU getting to 83-87 within minutes of gaming

Sep 3, 2019
  • CPU
    i7 8700K
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG STRIX Z390-F
  • RAM
    G.SKILL 32GB 3000MHz
  • GPU
    RTX 2080 Ti (FE EDITION)
  • OS
    WINDOWS 10, 64 BIT. 1903.
  • PSU
Problem -
My GPU is starting to get to HIGH TEMPS (reaching near maximum it should from the official nvidia specs) it averages from 83-87 degrees through majority of games now and the RPM of the fans go through the roof to where you can hear them quite well (Keep in mind I've never heard the fans ever get that high to the point where I've heard them so this is new) Any game, at any graphical settings, (Including 1080p or 1440p with low or maximum settings) the GPU will run red-hot at the degrees stated with no way of cooling unless to ALT-TAB / Exit the game.

Currently on Wow Classic realm selection / Character selection the GPU will boost itself straight up to 83-87 temps, if I limit the FPS in-game to 100fps / 144fps it'll drop to and go between 45-75 degrees which is fine.
I've attempted Vertical vsync / capping FPS in games such as Apex Legends / DayZ with no help, and still finding itself to be 83-87 degrees.

The GPU usually REVS up and attempts to cool the GPU when it hits 86 degrees, it lowers itself to 83 and within 5 seconds goes back up to 86 degrees and the fans spin again. Rinse and repeat this cycle until I ALT-TAB / quit or something.

Also note -
Idling at the main menu of World of Warcraft takes about 4-5 minutes to reach that temp

Solutions -
  • I've ran through BIOS to make sure OC wasn't happening (CPU overclock and RAM overclock, haven't.. nor will ever touch GPU), I've attempted to run fan-control curves multiple times in different area's for multiple hours to try and cool through the games, with no-go happening and still running hot.
  • Attempted to lower Resolution within games to 1080p instead of usual 1440p. Attempted to lower graphics from usual settings to lowest it can go.
  • I've cleaned the computer (usually monthly anyway) today to try and see if it was a dust build up or something, it was relatively clean besides a bit of dust here and there.
  • Change positioning of the Desktop for more ventilation.
  • Attempted to take side panel off just in-case.
  • Vertical VSYNC / FPS Capping in games, with no fix except for WoW...
Not sure if this helps in anyway, but it's currently Winter, so rip gpu in summer.

This issue is completely new. I've heard the temps are around normal and I refuse to believe that, because problem is again.. I've never, ever heard the fans REV that much or more specifically that loud to the point it's attempting to cool the GPU, I've been playing APex Legends and WoW since March, and it never hit those temps nor made the fans spin that loudly before, I should've been hearing this since around that time not suddenly now. I'm not sure what to do.. Idle temps average between 35-40.. it's just now magically gaming that boosts it to 83-87

What are my solutions / options because this is now new?


Jun 11, 2019
How old is the card as it should be returned under warranty hitting those temps?
My Zotax RTX 2080 ti runs at 72c in Battlefield V but only 62c in Far Cry 5 and GTA V.

Sep 3, 2019
How old is the card as it should be returned under warranty hitting those temps?
My Zotax RTX 2080 ti runs at 72c in Battlefield V but only 62c in Far Cry 5 and GTA V.

Card was bought 27th of December last year (Still under warranty!)

If the fans don't spin fast enough try to increase the speed by installing speed fan here is a little tutorial how to do that it includes all the fans in mobo
I'll definitely look at this option, thank you!