Question GPU (Graphics Card) Fried ?

Mar 7, 2019
Hello dear Community,

I was a pretty big [mod redacted] , or unlucky anyway i presumably fried my System with a probably dead PSU.
Currently im kinda Testing really dodgy Some ass mobo on my table raised by bottlecaps lol Setup on my Desk since i though it would be dumb 2 put anything aside back 2ghter whiteout checking.

Ram seems ok , had some Problems at first though.
My Problem-Child right now though is my Gigabyte RX460.
Spin´s up on start=Check
I have Display=Check
I have Audio=Check
I can work on the Desktop and do some basic Tasks like watching a Video on Youtube.other players dead thogh like the ones on the msn newspage=Check
What brings me 2 my current problem , i think it crashes under load and or is only cable of doing that much.
Possible that Ram plays it part ? Maybe no idea.

Tried Stable Drivers , Experimental , back 2 Stable , Games on various settings etc.

And the thing is:i know the drivers=the card crashed under load since its semi passively cooled and i dient manage 2 let the card spin up once in normal use atm.

Any thoughts ?

Ps:its also not artefacting , not yet at least.
Mar 7, 2019
Termatek 550W
Came 2 the conclusion by now that my Graca got a pretty heafty surge dam.
Wierd though that it still works beside the fact its a better igpu now.

Well its was a Asus 5xSurge Protection MBprobably the reason why my graca still kinda lives
Gigabyte Rx460
16 Gigs Ram
2 SSds and a HDD
A Termatek 550w PSU

the only things that survied the surge are my ssds and my ram. psu , mb , cpu and graca are Kia.
Phoned my seller though , maybe have a chance that it falls under warrentyi pray it does since its was higher force i couldt really do something about.
who knows when there psu blows up ?
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