Question GPU is not detected in device manager and have no signal on monitor from GPU

Dec 8, 2020
Hello, my componets are:

GPU: Palit GTX 1650 SUPER
CPU: i5 4460
MOB: Asrock H81M-VG4
PSU: Sirtec High Power Eco II 550W

I just upgraded my GPU from a r7 260x to gtx 1650 super. I connected the 6 pin to the GPU, the fans are working, I updated the BIOS and windows, but it's still not working.
I have two monitors, so I tried each of them with different cables, but still not working. I can only use the integrated one
Which cables were you using to connect the monitors? DVI to VGA adapters won´t work, only digital signals are coming out of the 1650.
Try HDMI or DP or DVI to DVI

reset the BIOS by jumper clearCmos and connect only one monitor to the GPU, no video cable to the motherboard

is the PCIe card completely plugged in and secured?