Question GPU light off, USB DEVICE OVER CURRENT STATUS error, after overclocking a little.

Jun 11, 2022

First off (please read):

I've finished building my PC a while ago (~1 Month). After I play with it for a bit (1/2h), it randomly shuts down (just goes out, no bsod or anything like that) and I have to restart. Tho, there weren't any events log for this event, so idk why it happens. I updated my BIOS today too. Now, I tried overclocking my GPU a bit (I have an RX 6900 XT LC by Asus, with whom der8auer reached the 3ghz clock), to around 2.7 ghz and I set the min-clock to 2.5ghz. My system crashed, and now I get the errors mentioned above. I didn't get the USB error before tho, so I'm unsure what caused that. My GPU light stays off, and the one integrated fan doesn't spin (which it didn't do before either I think). All other fans spin, even the ones on the radiator, which are connected to the GPU. (Also, all other lights go on, fan argb, motherboard lighting, and my AiO as well)

I'd need some help with this, I just don't know what's wrong lol.

My specs:

B-550F Gaming (no wifi)
Ryzen 7 5800x
SN850X - 1TB
64GB Ram Patriot Viper Steel RGB
850W RM850X
GC-WBAX210 WiFi Card
4xCF120 fans from deepcool

I'd really appreciate some help here, Thanks!

Edit: Fixed it by unplugging the Case USB Connector from the Motherboard, just wondering how I'm going to use the case connectors now lol.
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