[SOLVED] Gpu makes system freezes

Jul 6, 2019
so i have a gt 730 the 4gb ddr3 model ( i know its pretty old ) that recenty the fan wont spin till uh how can i say it ? help it move with a pen ? and when it spins sometimes it makes a loud noice and sometimes not my probelm is it was working fine with that fan problem till recently it makes my system ( windows 8.1 pro) freezes i cant move the mouse or do anyhting withot the blue screen of death and the cpu and case fans starts spinning loud like an airplane then pc shutdown when i remove it then i put it back and run stress test the temp reach 67c but nothing of that happen till after an hour or half of league gaming ( temp while in game 57-60c) right now im using thre integratted graphic card and it works fine no system freez .
today when i opened the gpu heatsink i foud the thermal paste dry nothing there my quastion is can i fix it by adding the thermal past or i cant cause of the fan ? and thanks
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