Question GPU not displaying/GPU not detected/Error code 45

Jul 5, 2021
I am in no way a professional or recommend these things as a safe soundproof way of fixing your current issue. Just a man whose computer broke on a holiday weekend so I had no one to help me and this is what worked for me after scrolling through way too many forums and youtube comments of people who can't seem to figure this out, reasonably so. To be honest, in the end, I can't even tell if some of the steps I took were just flat out counterproductive

I found a somewhat resolution to the title to the extent. I can play my games normally and my PC is now detecting my GPU but I am actually still having an issue that I can not directly plugin display cords (HDMI or VGI) into my GPU to get a display. I don't understand the effect this is having on my computer's performance but it seems back to normal and 100x better than playing a video game of my MB integrated graphics. Both my monitors are plugged into my MB atm. If anyone has some answers to that regard I would appreciate it while I wait to get on the phone with MSI tomorrow as my GPU/MB are from them.

Build Link:
PSU 4-5y/o
GPU 2-3 y/o
CPU less than 1y/o
MB less than 1y/o

Original GPU no detect problem:
When I would boot my PC with the GPU unplugged the PC would boot fine and was able to perform as per usual with the onboard graphics but my GPU was not being detected. Eventually, with my GPU in its PCI slot unplugged from PSU, I started my PC, went to opened “device manager” > “view” > “show hidden” and I would see my GPU is off (obviously). Plugged my GPUs power cords into it and then I got the “45 error” while looking through properties.

Solutions (I put these in somewhat of an order. Do what is easier for you and everything on this list can be found on YouTube or just a search engine. I believe what really fixed my issue was below these steps. I did do each of these following steps before I found my solution so they could be a part of it.)
  • BIOS update to current. (Type your motherboard into a search bar and you’ll find a driver page to download it)
  • Windows system restore to a previous date.
  • Windows update.
  • Placed GPU in multiple PCI slots, multiple times.
  • Reseat everything in PC from cords to CPU.
  • CMOS reset. Pull out the battery for 30 minutes ( I don’t believe the time matters but the longest I have seen is 30, so better safe than sorry)
  • Test GPU on another PC or your friend's PC to rule out bad GPU, PSU, CPU, or MB. (I only tested my GPU on another MB of mine and got the same results)
What somewhat fixed my issue:
(Error Code 45) I did the first two steps with my GPU seated in a PCI slot, unplugged from the PSU until I booted my PC fully. Then plugged in PCU power cords into the GPU, as I would get no display when GPU was plugged in until I fixed the detection of it. You need your GPU plugged in to get the 45 error so I am assuming you need to do this with the first two steps, don't recommend this if people in the comments say it's a dumb idea because I couldn't think of what else to do. The third step can be done with or without GPU installed. The last step if your problem is like mine (no display while GPU installed) do this without GPU installed so you can get to BIOS.
  • Uninstalled all GPU drivers.
  • Downloaded GPU drivers. I believe most will come back with an error so the following two should do the trick.
  • Run Command Prompt as admin or it won’t work “bcdedit /set pciexpress forcedisable”
  • BIOS > Enabled multi-screen output from integrated and external graphics cards. I believe if this is disabled your PC is just picking the onboard graphics and not searching for your GPU


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

The PSU in your build, if it's yet in your build, is considered a paperweight. In fact it's an expensive paperweight. If I were you, I'd swap the PSU out for a reliably build 650W unit, something like a Seasonic unit.

After 4-5 years that PSU of yours will not be capable of delivering power advertised on the sticker of the PSU. FYI, the steps you've mentioned often times, do not address the point where your PSU is incapable of delivering power to all components. Instead your steps ae based on an assumption that the PSU isn't crippled in any manner.

Plugged my GPUs power cords into it and then I got the “45 error” while looking through properties.
Then plugged in PCU power cords into the GPU, as I would get no display when GPU was plugged in until I fixed the detection of it.

You're inviting more trouble than solution at this point, by trying to fry the GPU.