Question GPU Nvidia Geforce Evga GTX 980ti FTW

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Aug 20, 2019
With new cpu and the gpu, when boot up it goes directly into windows password screen. It does not give the option to go into bios? Any suggestions?
Remove all ssds and hdd's force it to bios
This is extra work that only adds extra steps to diagnostics.

Just hold the delete key down during boot up to enter the bios. It's stated in the manual for the motherboard.

Just to clarify, are you talking about the GPU fans or the system case fans not operating properly?

If the GPU fans are not operating properly and the system is crashing during a benchmark with the GTX 980 TI installed, the GPU may be overheating and telling the system to shut off to stop it from being damaged. If you have to manually push a fan to start running, something is either wrong with fan itself, the GPU may have issues with the temperature sensors and maybe power draw or there is an issue with the GPU bios.

If the GPU was used for mining crypto coin, it's possible it had a custom bios flashed to it that may be making it run incorrectly for gaming or other operations. In this case, it's best run GPU-Z to check the GPU bios version and it may reveal a flashed bios. It will also allow you to see the GPU sensors for the fan RPM as well as power draw and voltage readings.
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Please tell me if you can see the images.
I saw the gallery you had posted earlier, but didn't have time to respond. The third image I saw looked like it was from before the CPU upgrade that looked like a faulty GPU displaying weird characters and images on screen. If that image was taken when the 980 TI installed, that is caused by either a component overheating or just component failure on the graphics card. The GPU temperature itself is fine on your new images, but the ram chips or the voltage regulators on the card could be overheating.
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Unfortunately we cannot return it. It worked fine until he bought a new cpu. Then he had problems.
It may not be related, but I have also been getting some blue screens after I upgraded my CPU to a 5600X. I'm using a B450 motherboard though, so it's very possible my issues are unrelated. I thought my blue screen issue were related to a bad memory overclock, but I ran a memory tester overnight three times using different settings and everything was fine with 0 errors found, so it must be something else causing the issues. So far I haven't had any blue screen since I reset my bios to defaults after the last blue screen.

The only thing I can suggest at this moment is to reset the motherboard bios to defaults if any CPU overclocking settings were used. Using the ram XMP overclock setting should be fine though. If I find any information on an issue like this, I'll try to remember to post it.