Question GPU Overheating (95ºC) after new thermal paste on gpu and processor.

May 7, 2020
Hi. I am really at the limit of nerves here... hope somebody can help. I have an Intel i3 core, 8 gigs ram, EVGA 500 w psu and asus GTX 660 (non ti)

About a year ago, mi pc started to reboot when put under stress, to the point that i couldn,t even load a game. I was told it was the PSU... so, Ichanged it... and it worked!... for a couple of weeks... then it happened again after a blackout. My no-break was old and somehow faulty, so... i bought a new one... but it happened again... now, the only option was the cooling... so, I opened the processor fan, cleaned it completely and changed the thermal paste (just to be safe), I cleaned all dust I could find everywhere else, but didn´t open anything further. And it worked! My maximum gpu temp was 73ºC or 75ºC for about 3 hours of high stress.

BUT... I saw a video of the processor fan and it´s direction... so, I checked and realize I indeed put it backwards... the serial and brand and numbers was facing me stead of facing the processor... so... I turn it back to the direction it was supposed to go... and to my horror, although my pc was not rebooting anymore or anything, my gpu was now reaching temps around 85ªC... that must be a GPU internal temp issue... so, I took it out, opened it, cleaned it, and reapply new termal paste. And now, it reaches temps around 95ºC... I read somewhere that the gpu temp and the processor temp are unrelated, but in my case, it seems they were...


New No-Break
New Thermal paste on processor
New Thermal paste on GPU
And my max temp is around 95ºC

Can someone tell me please what am I doing wrong? (I am not an expert or anything)

Thanks in advance.


Mar 27, 2019
If you Gpu-Temps got worse after you disassembled it, it leads to the conclusion that you did a bad job at it. No offense.

Cleaning the cooler and re-applying the paste and pads is a good idea in general, so I suspect you made some mistake in the actual process.

Did you apply the correct amonth of paste on the die and did you spread it evenly?
Are all thermal pads in the same position as before? Did you use the right thickness of pads at the right position? In a lot of cases you need multiple pads of different thickness.
Is you cooler correctly mounted and with even pressure?

Those are the first questions that come to my mind.
May 7, 2020
Non taken! Thanks!

I guess I did not make any mistakes ensambling and dissemsambling... Also with the amount of paste applied... but, i did Leave the original pads... maybe that could be it... tomorrow I'll get some new ones and search some youtube tutorial, also I'll check my processor and gpu for mistakes on the applied paste.

But!!! Update: I opened the case to see if everything was working properly... it has been under stress for about 30 min and the max temp reached was an acceptable 77°C... is that something? Still too hot for being open, right?

Any advise on the pads?