News GPU Stock Up Overseas As Crypto-Limited RTX Cards Arrive


Jul 13, 2020
This morning Newegg had the LQ version of the 6900XT in stock. Price is around $2500 but it was being shipped and sold by Newegg. Hopefully this trend continues.


Jun 25, 2021
Thank you PRC for going after bitcoin. Hopefully prices crash and we get normal prices GPUs once again. I guess the price of this was giving Taiwan to PRC...... sorry I guess


May 9, 2011
Can confirm the info about GPU supply in Japan. The cards all sold out at release, but we're seeing more and more of them in-stock for much longer periods. Prices are WAY above RRP, even at regular brick and mortar stores. For the price they're asking for an RTX 3080Ti, you could import an RTX 3090 from the U.S. You know, if they were in-stock that is.
Jul 14, 2021
Nvidia is purposefully reducing the performance of a product. The excuse is to restrict the legal and legitimate use of the graphic cards for crypto currency mining. Nvidia blame users/miners for the market situation.

Cryptocurrency mining could have been the culprit at some point. Now, there is not enough electronics components to attend demand. Nvidia can not produce enough cards due to supply chain issues. That is the actual problem. Even the so-called LHR cards are not easily found and are overpriced. Are they going to blame users fot that too?

I am not primarily a crypto currency miner. I use graphic cards to accelerate computations. But I want to be able to use the cards I buy at their best performance. If I want to run Etherium based algorithms, I should be able to, at the best performance of my card. If I decide to mine cryptocurrency (which I do occasionally, on the rare times when it is worthwhile in my area, in order to help cover the cost of these expensive cards), I demand to be able to get the best performance.

This is a dangerous precedent. What is the next: poorer ARM processors to avoid use as …—you fill in?