Question Gpu turns on but no display on monitor

Nov 1, 2018
Motherboard: B360M DS3H
Cpu: I5-9400f
Gpu: RX 580 8gb
Ram: 16gb

I was just cleaning my components on my pc and putting new thermal paste on the gpu and gpu, which I have done before and successful so it was easy. When I tried turning everything on it worked great until I noticed there was no signal. Everything was plugged which I made sure multiple times and the gpu was securely in the Pci slot. I took the battery out of the motherboard but don't know the problem. Like I said before I had it running before and was able to play games wonderfully and was just cleaning everything and I suddenly got this error.


You need to go over the setup and check to make sure everything is plugged in. You said gpu and gpu, I am guessing one of those is the CPU. Make sure it's seated in the socket properly, check for any bent pins, test the system without the video card, with just onboard video. Test the video card in another system and test your system with another card.