Question GPU usage being affected when CPU is being highly threaded/use.

Sep 5, 2019
As the title says, this is upsetting me for a while since I noticed that people with the same rig is getting 98% of use of their GPU in Battlefield V instead of 50% to 70% like mine case. (The CPU usage is the only thing that is the same. 95% to 80%)
So, I went to do some testing and all of my games that is CPU intensive my GPU never works at full potential.

I installed CPU-Z and FurMark for better analyzing results, when I run the GPU Stress Test is being fully used, 98% while my CPU usage stays on 20%.
Then, I run the CPU Stress Test (100% #8) at the same time and only then my GPU goes to 70%/60%.
Strangely enough, when I run the CPU Stress Test to only 4# or 6# Threads my GPU usage stays intact on the test, even if are marking 100% of use.

Games like The Witcher 3 where use only of 30% of CPU my behaves GPU normally.

240Hz Monitor and Vsync Off, so there's a reason to these games use all of my GPU.
Energy in Nvidia control panel is at max and aready tried all that stuff with drivers, DDU, windows config, etc.
If I my processor wasn't a I7 and people can achieve 98% of use of their GPU in BFV, I would say that obviously is a bottleneck issue or a bad optimized game...

1070Ti PNY
16GB (2x8 at dual channel) Crucial. 2133Mhz.
My HD is fine, so as my PSU.

Don't know what to do or what it can be, I appreciate any help.
Sorry for any english mistakes.
Sep 5, 2019
make and model of the psu?
cpu/gpu temp?
ram usage?
It is a Corsair vs600 (600W).
CPU and GPU don't pass the 72°C mark at full stress.
My RAM works at normal clock, and at BFV goes to 8/9GB of use, but still enough for the system. I basically don't use app's in the background.