[SOLVED] GPU will not display to monitor and I can not get to BIOS

Oct 2, 2020
Although it mainly concerns display issues, I do believe this is something specifically involving my motherboard, and yeah, I'm in a messy situation.

A week ago I had ordered an SSD and installed it but to get to the SATA ports I had to remove my GPU (GTX 1070) which will now not display any signal to my monitor immediately after I took it out and put it back in, unbeknownst to me, I had ripped off the first 16x PCI-E port because I was being stupid and completely didn't notice the tab was not unlocked, luckily, my motherboard (MSi Z97 Gaming 5) has two other 16x PCI-E ports which I then proceeded to plug it into the second one and still nothing.

I've tried several solutions and absolutely nothing is working. I have reset the CMOS about a dozen times which does nothing good, because I can not even enter the setup in BIOS. I try, and instant A9 code on my mobo, forcing me to restart the computer. The onboard graphics works fine; I can boot up windows and do what one normally does with their computer but there is just no signal when connecting it to my GPU. Also, I do not see any damage to the GPU after I made the mistake of rushingly taking it out and it powers on just fine. The logo in the front lights up and the fans start going but no signal. I have tried both DisplayPort and HDMI but neither of them work. I took out the RAM and rearranged them and that doesn't work either. Help?
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