Question Graphic cads

Any 2GB DDR4 graphics card is probably not going to be particularly good. Some GT 1030 cards use that configuration, and they perform substantially worse than the GDDR5 versions of the card. If the animation software renders a scene using the 3D hardware, you would probably want more performance than that.

What sort of budget do you have for a graphics card, and what country are you in?


I'm not sure they even really used DDR4 on GPUs. They went from DDR3 to DD5, or GDDR5.

RAM amount and type is only one part of the speed equation. We need to know which chip as well. The 1060 is faster than the 1030. Even if both had 2GBs of DDR5 ram. The 1030 is simply cut down to much.

please replay
I think you mean please reply. And what I was trying to say in my first post is we can't. Not with the tiny amount of data you have provided. When you ask "is better" you have to tell us better than what. We have part of the info of one card. What's the other card?

I can assume from how you type and the words used that you aren't an English speaker. If so you might not have meant to use the word better. If you are asking if it's good to use a 2GB DDR4 ram video card, that answer is still depends. Does your animation software even use the GPU to work? Meaning does it support GPU hardware acceleration? CUDA or OpenCL are the most common. If it does then my answer is no. 2GB cards are too low end to do that kind of work. If however your CPU will be doing the work than it doesn't matter and the GPU is simply displaying the output and it's fine. If you want an answer you really need to give us details.