Question Graphic card issue that I'm hoping someone can help with ?

Dec 17, 2020
Hi All,

My PC is medium grade build and the GPU installed is a MSI GAMING X RX 580 8GB.
I had bought it in Apr 2017 an used it soo far.

All was going good until 3-4 months ago when during gaming my monitor would go blank and show No signal while I can still hear through my headphones that the game is still running in the background. Restarting my system made thing go back to normal.
Frequency has increased since then that it used to happen about once a week back then to now every time any GPU intensive application running.
Any video benchmarking tool causes this issue in less than 20 secs of running.

Regular use such as browing web is unaffected and less graphic demanding games such as CS:GO or Valorant run fine and there is no drop in performance in FPS or such.
Through crossing hardware with a friend's config I have confirmed that it is definitely a GPU issue.

Regarding the physical state of the GPU it is quite dusty though I have cleaned/blowed as much of it off as I can without dismantling the GPU.
There is rust in some places in the GPU, but not that much.

So my question is what could be causing this issue and if there is anything I can do to salvage the GPU?
Let me know if you require any more details!

Thanks for reading!